Road Trip

In the summer of 2018, my family and I went on an amazing road trip, one that we will never forget. We explored the western side of America and its wonders. From the majestic cities located in our path to the fascinating national parks, this 17 day road trip was filled with great experiences, laughter and a dive into the unknown.

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3399 miles

7 national parks

4 major cities

17 days with family

How it all started?

A couple years ago, my family took a trip to Maine where we explored the vast region of Acadia National Park. We fell in love with the national park experience, filled with hiking, biking and completely astonishing views. Out of us, my dad was definitely the most intrigued.

From then on, road trips became part of every vacation. Every year, we started driving to new places, exploring the treasures of the eastern side of the United States. In the summer of 2016, we drove to our next national park, the Smokey Mountains. This national park was swarming with greenery and scenic sights, filling our minds with peace.

I love to travel and so does everyone in my family. Every year, its just so exciting to plan that summer’s vacation, as it is always a new place with new things to do. My dad’s dream vacation was always to do a grand road trip of the national parks on the western coast. From my brother and my perspective, it seemed like a bore in comparison to our trip from last year when we went to Paris and London. I thought, “Why are we going to just see the natural sights on a road trip when we have the entire world to still see?” But, boy was I wrong. I never did realize that the entire world was nothing in comparison to the sunrises over the Grand Canyon or the views in Death Valley National Park.

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This experience was truly an amazing one. But, it doesn’t end here. You can do it too. By going through the header, you will find blogs for each place we visited, my suggested things to do and tips for planning a road trip of your own in the most affordable way.

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