Syosset Public Library

This year (2018) I began to expand my horizons and spread my impact to widespread audiences. I partnered with Syosset Public Library and offered two Saturday sessions for a hour and half. In one class, I explored innovative thinking and creativity with the kids. We learned about electricity and creating our own product for the … Continue reading Syosset Public Library

My Own Business Plan

Hi everyone. For the past couple of weeks, our entrepreneurs have been putting their entrepreneurial skills to the test. They have invented their own products with business plans to go along with them. Every entrepreneur, regardless of his or her age, were taught about the essential parts to any company. They learned about creating a … Continue reading My Own Business Plan

Make a Parallel Circuit

Materials Breadboard 2 3V Battery 1 Battery Clip Motor Fan Mechanical Speaker Jumper Wires Procedure Connect your positive and negative terminals of the battery clip to the respective power rails. Do not attach the battery just yet. From the positive rail, connect a wire to B5. Connect a wire to E5. Connect to one lead … Continue reading Make a Parallel Circuit