DIY Coloring WiggleBots

Hey everyone! Happy Diwali!!! This month, our preschoolers through second graders, just completed their first project of 2017 - 18 year! We made our own Coloring WiggleBots. Now you can too: Materials Disposable Plastic Cup (preferably the larger ones) 3 Markers (same size) 2 AAA Batteries 2 AAA Battery Holder 1.5 - 3V DC Motor … Continue reading DIY Coloring WiggleBots

Programming with Cups

Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome 2017! Last week, entrepreneurs took upon another challenge. PROGRAMMING!!! Now many people think that programming is just words that magically tell a computer what to do. We'll let me tell you, it's not that simple. Through this activity, our entrepreneurs learned what it's like to be a computer and a … Continue reading Programming with Cups

Innovation Challenges #1

This year entrepreneurs were part of the INNOVATION CHALLENGE! In this challenge, entrepreneurs were assigned to build a structure with the given materials that could help the community by solving a problem. Each group was given 50 popsicle sticks, 20 wood clips and 30 binder clips. Every group was asked to find any problem that … Continue reading Innovation Challenges #1

Inaugural Year: 2015-2016

A┬ácommon man dreams of doing something big, while an entrepreneur makes that dream into reality. ~ yeprite What is Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club? Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club was created to spark creativity and innovation. To teach students how to think outside of the box through hands on experiences is our goal. Our purpose is to … Continue reading Inaugural Year: 2015-2016