Data Analysis Day 2 – Yash Gupta

Last week’s class on data analysis was a huge success and had kids eager to learn more. 

This week we learned how to make data more straightforward to analyze by creating graphs. Graphs are a great way to help someone visualize a large dataset. Instead of using simple charts on sites like Excel, I decided to teach myself about Google Charts.

Google Charts is a free, online platform that creates interactive graphs from code and can work on any text editor. This not only helps kids learn about data analysis but coding as well. Google Charts uses the languages HTML and JavaScript, both of which the kids had never seen before. 

The graphs that we decided to use were bar charts and pie charts. At first, kids felt overwhelmed when looking at the 40 lines of code to create one graph. However, Google Charts is a straightforward platform to use because there are only two sections in which the user is coding. Kids saw that the beginning and ending portions of code were the same for the graph. The middle part is where all of the data is placed into only two variables. 

Not only is Google Charts simple to use, but it also has built-in options that you can activate to customize your graphs. This aspect is what excited the kids. It was such a joy seeing them so excited to create their graphs. 


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