Stock Market Day 3 – Mansi Airen

We are onto Week 2 of distance learning!

The stock market is a very difficult topic to learn and this group of preschool-2nd graders are PHENOMENAL. They all recorded their company’s progress and today, we used that data to show them what it means when the price changes.

Last week, a lot of the kids said that their favorite cake was ice cream cake, so we used that to describe how and why the stock prices change. We gave a scenario where there were two cakes being sold, vanilla and ice cream. Originally there were more people who liked the ice cream cake so the price for a slice of ice cream cake was higher. But, once the ice cream cake melted, more people started to buy the vanilla cake. Since less people were buying the ice cream cake, the price went down.

We compared the entire stock market to the store where the cakes are being sold, and it is only open on weekdays and it closes in the evening, similar to school. We described the stock charts like hills and if you go “up the hill”, then the price goes up and vice versa.

Their homework this week was to choose three companies, name their sector and stock symbol, and record the closing stock prices for each day. They also had to make a presentation for next class using the same company from last week, but this time they would analyze its stock prices over 1 week, 3 months, 1 year, and all time using Yahoo finance. They also had to evaluate whether the company was doing well or poorly overall by looking at its beginning price and its current price. This week’s fun, optional homework was to watch Disney’s Princess and the Frog and to watch the Berenstein Bear’s Trouble with Money episode to show the importance of earning your own money, but not losing sight of what’s really important: spending time with people you love.

We ended today’s lesson with a fun Kahoot about our entire stock market unit!

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