Stock Market Day 3 – Yash Gupta

For our last activity in the stock market, instead of being simple observers, kids turned into prospective investors deciding on which companies to invest in. 

Using this template, kids created their stock portfolios. They chose five companies that they would be willing to invest in. Kids were able to learn even more by having to select companies in different sectors. They randomly chose a number between $5,000 and $10,000 to invest in the company. They calculated the number of shares they would own with their investment and saw how much the value of their shares fluctuated. 

It was amazing to see the ease at which kids in only 4th grade were able to perform those calculations. They were able to implement the tools in Google Sheets without me even having to explain it to them. 

Some kids struck gold while others fell into debt. It was funny to hear how some couldn’t wait to invest in the future, while others never wanted to spend a penny again. 

The stock market is a complicated but exciting place to learn about. I think that everyone should be knowledgeable about its functionality as our entire economy depends on its success. 

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