Stock Market Day 2 – Mansi Airen

Week 1 of distance learning was a success! We reviewed the lesson from last class and the message of managing money from the optional homework. We had the children present their companies. They loved sharing what they found about their favorite brands.

Today, we dived right into our stock unit! We went over the definitions of what is involved in the stock market by comparing it to cake! Everyone was so excited when we went around and shared our favorite cake flavors. The whole cake is the company while a slice of cake is the stock. The price of one slice of cake is the stock price.

We also went over the different stock sectors and associated them with popular companies they know like Apple with technology and Amazon with consumer. We utilized Yahoo finance to get our stock information, so we also did a virtual tour of the website and where they would find certain information like the stock price and the sector.

Today we tried something different and ended with a game of Time to Climb where the children got to choose their own characters that climbed the mountain whenever they answered a question.

Their homework was to track the stock price of their company for a week and record it. They also had to find items and compare the prices from BJ’s and Costco. For the fun, optional homework, we had the kids watch Disney Pixar’s Up and the Veggietales Puppies and Guppies episode to show the importance of managing your money. For this week’s COVID-19 related homework, they had to make signs for their friends and family to stay safe and they had to take a picture with their family. Many of them left their signs on their windows so their neighborhood could see them!

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