Stock Market – Mansi Airen

Hi everyone!

Today was the first day of online learning for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cafe for Group 1! Although we miss doing our usual hand-on projects, Sejal and I tried to come up with fun topics for the kids to learn while they were stuck at home. The main goal of this lesson was to prepare the class for our upcoming unit: the stock market!

Last class we had played a trading game using colorful paper clips and a dice so that the children could get familiar with the concept of exchanging things.

Today we introduced the kids to money and the types of coins there are. We went over the basic attributes of different coins and we challenged the kids with some counting problems in a fun kahoot!

Their homework for this week was to pick any company and present their logo, main product, revenue and any fun facts they wanted to add. As an optional assignment, they could have watched Toy Story 2 or Max and Ruby’s Bunny Money episode.

Each week we will be giving the children one homework assignment related to COVID-19. This week’s homework was to create a card for a healthcare worker. All of the cards came out super colorful and nice! 

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