Stock Market Day 1 – Yash Gupta

Welcome to the Stock Market!!

Home of every company that exists around the globe. It truly is a remarkable location where millions of investors, brokers, and companies interact to make money. Learning its basics and how it functions is essential in today’s world as the entire global economy depends on its survival. 

To introduce the kids to how the stock market works, we first started by merely monitoring a few companies that exist on the stock market today, such as Apple, Netflix, etc. We used to collect our information. Using this google sheet, kids gained a general understanding of its functionality by observing the trends for a group of companies.

I was learning along with the kids because they were picking companies that I had never heard of before. I was shocked to see how easily kids were able to navigate yahoo finance. 

This is a fun, simple exercise to get kids introduced to the stock market. 


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