Marble Run Challenge – Yash Gupta

Welcome to the Marble Run Challenge!! 

In this activity, kids will compete to see who can create the best ramp from which they launch a marble. The winner is the group or individual who builds a ramp that makes a marble cover a distance of 5 meters in the shortest amount of time. 

This activity helped kids to bond with each other and create a spirit of competition among them. Seeing the devices that kids built in just 15 minutes with simple yourself materials was amazing. The feeling that I got from seeing these kids so happy was unmatched to anything I had felt ever before.


  • 1 sheet of Cardboard
  • 1 Marble 
  • 1 foot of Scotch tape 
  • 10 Jenga Blocks (Regular building blocks work as well)
  • 1 sheet of Regular Paper 
  • 1 strip Sand Paper (BONUS POINTS) 
  • Glue 

**Kids do not need to use all of the materials listed.


  1. Give the kids 15 minutes to plan and build their ramps. 
  2. Set up a track length of approximately 5 meters. 
  3. Line each end of the ramp on the starting line. 
  4. RACE!! 

BONUS: If a contest uses sandpaper on its ramp, you may subtract .5 seconds from their time. 

This challenge is suitable for kids of all ages, even adults. Organizing this challenge will be something that you will not regret.

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