Hi everyone! Welcome back for the 2019-20 school year!

This year, we are emphasizing the connection between learning at the Cafe and reinforcing at home. Every activity in class is supplemented with videos to explain those techniques and/or skills, so students can try these activities at home.

Starting off with block programming, we dove into the coding world with some fun exercises. Having mix of new and old students, it was a great experience to kick off the school year. We learned about if-else statements, loops, and programming principles through these activities.

The MicroBit activity was great to explore the strengths of different students and keep everyone engaged. However, we ran into a couple of roadblocks in terms of Wifi, number of laptops and literacy issues. While we might have had a rocky start, we are excited to kick off the year with some great activities and experiences!

Here you can explore the various exercises we did: Worksheet

These are our videos for students to watch and practice with at home:

Read on to see what else is happening at the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cafe!

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