Chocolate Run – Yash Gupta

Welcome to the Chocolate Challenge!! 

This challenge is simple to create and something that kids of all ages would enjoy. Place a piece of chocolate at the bottom of a cardboard tube and ask kids to take it out using only paperclips and tape. 


  • 1 Cardboard Tube 
  • Lindor Chocolate (It can by any type of chocolate) 
  • 10 paper clips 
  • Duct or Scott tape


  1. Duct tape a cardboard tube vertically onto a horizontal surface
  2. Place the chocolate at the bottom 
  3. Give the kids paperclips and scotch tape 

You may be thinking how is this a challenge. The trick is that you cannot touch the cardboard tube at any time. 

What’s surprising is that this task requires patience and steadiness. What keeps the kids hooked is the reward of a delicious piece of chocolate at the end. 


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