innoShopping Experience

Hi everyone! It is that time of year: Thanksgiving. A time filled with family and friends, where we all give back to those we are grateful for. Groups 1, 2 and 3 all engaged in the innoShopping Experience where they learned about the value of money and made a meal for their families.

Put on a $10 budget, our little entrepreneurs were expected to make one entree, dessert and a drink. They all went shopping with their parents and compared the brands to decide which one they would.

In the end, they all presented their experience in front of the class and expressed the joy they received. This was a great activity for them to learn about money and spending it well. Along with that, we had a variety of presentations in the club, where we saw the creativity prevail. From videos to posters to collections of receipts, our entrepreneurs engaged greatly in this experience and learned so much!

Here is the activity if you want to take part in this experience at home with your kids as well!

innoShopping Experience

For more information about the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club in 2018-19, check our other posts!

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