Syosset Public Library

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This year (2018) I began to expand my horizons and spread my impact to widespread audiences. I partnered with Syosset Public Library and offered two Saturday sessions for a hour and half.

In one class, I explored innovative thinking and creativity with the kids. We learned about electricity and creating our own product for the market. Without the proper skills, this would not be possible. The kids participated in the innoBoxes and DIY Flashlight activities.

In the other class, we tried entrepreneurial thinking. The kids attempted to “summon” their inner entrepreneur and develop their own product. Using all the major steps of the brainstorming and prototyping process with customer feedback, the students engaged in the innoBackpack activity. Afterwards, they worked on creating their own startup and were introduced to the startup culture around them with innoStartup Experience.

Be sure to check those activities out because kids had a great time with them!

My Perspective

Reaching a new demographic in a new location was actually quite challenging. I was placed out my comfort zone and had to make a connection with students I just met. At the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cafe, I had grown up with many of the students and I was so used to talking to them that teaching was second nature. However, at the library, I had to first create a “friendship” to teach them. It was definitely difficult, but I really liked the challenge.

Furthermore, having to brand myself and pitch to others my ideas was actually a learning experience for me. With the my club at GGKLI, I was given the groundwork to work off of. But, when I tried to expand, it wasn’t as easy. I was turned down by various libraries and organizations. However, I came to understand how difficult the real world is and luckily, I was able to begin my journey at Syosset.

I’m really excited to see where their ventures will take me. I know that I can make a greater impact and will make one.

Make sure to check out other posts about the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cafe (formerly known as the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club)!

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