innoStartup Experience

Hi everyone! Groups 2 and 3 have been busy learning about startups and the culture that surrounds them. This three session activity dives into the basics of creating a startup and the factors that come into play.

Each little entrepreneur had a partner with whom a startup was created. They looked for a problem in the world around them and sought a way to solve that issue. Particularly, they tried to find problems and solved aspects of that problem. Being that this is the hardest part for any entrepreneur, our little entrepreneurs really did a great job of finding something of worthy.

During the first session, the entrepreneurs went through a process of idea validation. From finding the problem and solution to reasoning why it is the best solution, entrepreneurs worked hard through the process. They found other products or services that tried to fulfill the same problem, but explained the advantages that they presented over those options.

The second session consisted of customer validation and prototyping. With customer validation, entrepreneurs drafted questions that pertained to their startup, so that they could attain feedback from others about their idea. Sample survey questions were provided to help them in this process, but then, they were asked to make at least 2 new survey questions. From there, they created a SurveyMonkey survey to send out to people that they knew, so they would get a wide range of perspectives. Also, they created prototypes of their idea, so they would see a “realistic” version of the product or service.

At last, during the third session, our little entrepreneurs created their own canvas model of their ideas to truly format and display everything about the startup. They were introduced to customer channels, cost and revenue structures and advertising platforms. Along with that, they watched a video on Startup Funding, to understand how to actually develop an idea into a corporation.

Startup Experience Packet

Canvas Model Worksheet

This experience was amazing! Not only did the entrepreneurs learn so much, I did as well. The innoStartup Experience brought to life the world of entrepreneurs and showcased the great possibilities that an entrepreneur has. The Group 2 and 3 students really enjoyed this activity and are even more excited to become an entrepreneur!

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