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Hey everyone! Group 1, 2 and 3 students participated in the innoBackpack Design Thinking Challenge, inspired by the activity by Stanford’s Design Thinking Course.

Design Thinking is a 5 step process to formulate, create and validate an idea to solve a problem. As entrepreneurs try to solve the issues of today and create the solutions of tomorrow, they come across various obstacles to overcome. This process allows for an overview of the overall journey and is replicated in a modified way with the innoBackpack challenge.

For 45 minutes, students engaged in the creation of a new backpack, one that would solve their partner’s issues. From obtaining customer information to brainstorming ideas to prototyping, our little entrepreneurs went through a fast paced version of this process and got a true feeling for what it actually means to “innovate”.

The biggest challenge that any person has to endure is the issue of finding the problem. It’s very easy and simplistic to just determine that all possible problems are solved and there’s nothing I can do. Well, we say the complete opposite. Students were forced to be placed in an environment where they had to find the issue, even if it wasn’t explicitly said. In some ways, our little entrepreneurs found a problem that their partner didn’t see. Every entrepreneur had to interview their partner about an experience he or she had with a backpack. The goal was to envision a scenario and see from an outsiders perspective on how to make a meaningful product.

From there, each person went on to find a problem and brainstorm multiple solutions. Afterwards, they had to reaccess those ideas and modify one to bring the final design. In the end, 15 minutes were provided to create a prototype of the idea and what it had entailed. The customer validation in the end indicated the importance of the idea and the nature of it.

innoBackpack Activity Sheet

The whole activity was a success! Entrepreneurs REALLY enjoyed it and gained a lot from such an experience. This was the first time they got to actually start and finish something from scratch, which is a big deal. Overall, I came to learn from them and realized the strength of finding problems and how it truly was the key for entrepreneurial success!

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