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Hey everyone! We are back with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club! With many new students with lots of returning, the projects this year are going to be really fun and cool. Our first class, we shot off the year with innoCatapults!

Follow the instructions to build your own innoCatapult at home!


  • Large Popsicle sticks
  • Small Binder clips
  • Rubber bands
  • Paper Bowl
  • Ping Pong Ball
  • Tape


  1. Take 3 large popsicle sticks and connect them in a triangle with binder clips. Do this twice.
  2. Take a piece of tape and connect one edge of the triangle to another in a 120 degree angle. This will be your base structure.
  3. Tape 2 popsicle ends together in a straight line. Tape a paper bowl to one end. This will be your launch arm.
  4. Using rubber bands, attach a marker to the free end of the launch arm and to the triangle base.
  5. Take one rubber band and place it around the top of the triangles and the launch arm. This will add tension.
  6. Lastly place a popsicle between the other ends of the triangle and tape it to the sides. Make sure that it is toward the bottom and the launch arm is in front of it.

Place the ping pong ball, pull the launch arm back, and LAUNCH!!!


This was a great project to kick off the year. Our little entrepreneurs really liked this project and were excited to find that the projects that they were building actually could do something. Although I was teaching the students a design I had developed, one of the little entrepreneurs in Group 3 actually had an innovative mind of his own. He developed an even simpler, more efficient design that was replicated in the Group 2 and 3 classes.

Catapult created by Tirth Mehta

That made me so happy to see that my students were thinking outside of the box. That’s my goal. This is what I love to see in my students and this is proof of what we are doing is important and worth doing. I can’t wait to what my entrepreneurs will come up with this year!!!!!

Check out the other projects that we do at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club!!

Upcoming Events

“Innovative Thinking” – December 1st at Syosset Public Library

“Entrepreneurial Thinking” – December 15th at Syosset Public Library

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