What’s New for 2018-19

Hey guys!!! The new year of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club has just begun and I am so excited for all the activities planned! It was so nice to see so many familiar faces, as this is our fourth year. However, we have many new students that are part of our family now.

I’ve noticed so many changes that have occurred in my little entrepreneurs. My Group 1 students are speaking out and not shy to talk in front of an audience. They project their thoughts more clearly and ask more questions. These small changes that have developed are what make me love what I do.

This year my focus will be on two things: improvement and expansion. Noticing all the small to big issues that we have encountered over the past few years, I set out to fix them and use my entrepreneurial skills to improve the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club.

  1. Attendance: Being that it took way too long to do attendance before and after every session, I decided to make personalized ID cards with QR codes for attendance. This way all we would have to do is scan the code and the attendance for each student would be taken.
  2. Connecting Home and Classroom Experience: Since our classes are held every two weeks, reinforcement of the material becomes extremely. This year supplies will be taken home and conference calls will be held. Along with that, a yearly project will be given to apply the skills learned.

Having the program only available to those at GGKLI was very exclusive. In order to change this, new chapters and programs are going to be held in other locations.

Upcoming Events:

In tandem to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club, I will be teaching two sessions at the Syosset Library.

  • December 1st
  • December 15th

They will be free of charge and open to students in 3rd to 7th grade. Also, a new chapter of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club will be opening up in Dix Hills. More Information will be available soon!

With all these new changes and programs, I cannot wait for this year to begin! Let’s make this year better than ever before!

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