Planning a Road Trip

Having planned with such a big road trip with my family, I picked quite a few tricks. Here is my guide to planning the best, cost effective and fun road trip:


  • Create a small outline of the places you would like to go
    • Doing this will give you an idea of how you plan to take the trip and also will help you decide the wholistic approach for the trip.
  • Lots of research before you go
    • Doing research on your trip isn’t fun and costs a lot of time. You want the most time to enjoy, so know your stuff. A lot of things have rules, equipment or guides for how to enjoy your stay the most, definitely look into it. Videos and blogs are really effective in understanding other people’s experiences.
  • Visit the Visitor Centers
    • They have so much knowledge and valuable information that can improve your stay. Park rangers know the best way to see the park and the sights to view. Most times they give you better advice then the Internet.
  • Bring a Microphone with a Speaker
    • Singing karaoke was the highlight of our drives. It brings families together and adds fun to the long drives.
  • Make Video Diaries for each day of the experience
    • My brother and I made videos at each park and it was a thing we looked forward to doing everyday. We would act like colleagues and it was really cute.


  • Book your trip completely and have a tight packed schedule
    • Have some time to breathe. This is vacation after all have fun with it. What we did was book hotels the day of and stopped there. Since we had a rough idea of where we were going every day, this made sure we were going at our own pace. Now, you must be thinking “that’s crazy expensive”. Well, actually it isn’t, if you use the right tools. Book your hotels on It saved us so much money especially since we were switching hotels every day.
  • Waste time on food
    • Pack a lunch. You won’t be able to see anything if you waste time eating. There were days we would drink lots of water and eat some bananas for lunch because we just didn’t have any time.
  • Try to do everything
    • Seeing everything is impossible in one day. Pick a few things you want to see because you have a limited time and many days to go. Instead of trying to see everything, we did the BEST things. There are things that just have to be seen in another visit.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!! I had a great time and I hope you do too on your next road trip!

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