Death Valley and Las Vegas

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It was Day 14 and I was on my way to Death Valley National Park in California. It was my last national park for this trip and would end up being the one I loved the most. I guess the name doesn’t really jump out as something beautiful, peaceful and full of life. But, that’s what it reminded me of. Death Valley is the hottest, driest and lowest place in North America.

When we got into the national park, it was completely arid, barren and with no one in sight. The roads were completely straight and felt like they were never ending. We stopped in this canyon area located within Death Valley. I saw a military plane practicing a stunt there. It came right in front of our face out of nowhere. It was really cool. My dad tried videotaping it, but it mysteriously got deleted. Really weird right?

We drove around 2 hours to get to the sand dunes in Death Valley. Apparently if you touch the sand, you can get burned really badly. I could feel the heat through the souls of my feet. It was enclosing and heat like I had experienced in Dubai, a couple of years back.

From there we went to the visitor center and cooled down. Near the visitor center was Badwater Basin, the lowest place in North America. It was completely white and gave a salty feel. At the time, it was raining slightly which helped to reduce the heat slightly.

Afterwards we went to Devils Golf Course. My dad and I love to play golf, so it was fun to think about how many times we would lose our golf balls there. Although it was all brown, it had such color to it. It was so unique, an experience unlike any other.

Artists Drive was next and probably my favorite place in the trip. Going through these mountains was like seeing a painted canvas. There were colors everywhere. From blue to yellow to pink, the mountains had life in a way I’ve never seen. It felt like they were expressing themselves to me and showing their true colors. Constantly, throughout the drive, sections appeared unlike any of the ones before it. It was something an artist would truly enjoy.

Next we went to Zabriskie Point where the wind was blowing and the air was cool. This was a truly a vortex like the one I felt in the Grand Canyon and Sedona. From there, we left Death Valley. One experience I would never forget. I will definitely come back one day and relive that experience with even more.

Our next and final stop on the trip was Las Vegas, the land of casinos. My father had surprised us with getting a hotel room at the Palazzo. This trip was my gift for my sixteenth birthday. My brother and I loved it, and were so happy. It definitely beat the small hotels we were staying in before.

On Day 15 and 16, we walked around Las Vegas and saw different casinos. We saw the famous Bellagio fountains and MGM. We played Topgolf and walked around the Venetian. On Day 16, we saw a magic show. My brother REALLY liked it. Afterwards, we went to the airport and that was it. By Day 17, we were back in NY, but now with so many memories with us.

The road trip I took was a really good one, much better than I had expected. Words cannot simply explain the experience. Read on to find out how to plan the best road trip possible…

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