Lake Tahoe and Yosemite


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On Day 10, we drove about 11 hours to get to the city of Reno. During the car ride, we sang songs on the karaoke, played road trip bingo, slept and had a pretty easy going day. After all the stops, we got to Reno pretty late. I think it was like 2 am.

The next morning, Day 11, we woke up. After breakfast, we looked at the various things to do in Lake Tahoe for one day. We drove their and walked around the city. At a point, we walked across the Nevada/California border which was cool. Afterwards, we went to the lake and hung out at the beach. However, the water was pretty rough that day, so we weren’t able to kayak. So, we ate at a Mexican restaurant and went back to our hotel. That night we just went into the pool (upon my brother’s request).

The next day, Day 12, we set out for Yosemite National Park through the Tioga Pass entrance. The elevation there was about 9,000 ft when we started to around 4,000 ft when we got down to Tuolumne Meadows. The meadows were green, peaceful and definitely, much better than the pictures we saw online.

We came by Olmsted Point. The view of Half Dome from that spot was breathtaking. My family and I just wanted to lay there with eyes closed for the rest of the time. Our next stop was the Yosemite Village. El Capitan and Tunnel View had really nice views, ones that pictures cannot possibly capture. We hiked up Bridalview Falls as well.

Day 13 was our last day at Yosemite. Although we wanted to see the huge sequoia trees in the Mariposa Grove, it wasn’t possible because of the long lines. After having waited for an hour or so, we decided to move on and hopefully, see the trees some other time. We went on and took a bus to Mirror Lake. At Mirror Lake, we hiked 2 miles to see the mirror lake and its beauty. Out of fear from the mountain lions and lack of time, we did not proceed to complete the second portion of the hike.

My experience at Yosemite National Park wasn’t the best because of the crowdedness and the inability to do everything I wanted to complete. Next time I go to Yosemite, I will definitely finish the Mirror Lake hike and go to the Mariposa Grove. For now, I have left Yosemite and am on my way to Death Valley…Read on to find out more…

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