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Its already Day 9 and we were half way through our trip. Now, we were on our way to Yellowstone National Park and take a tour on the Grand Loop. Yellowstone National Park was the first national park and is across Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. It is home to various hydrothermal features like geysers, hot springs and pools.

We began our trip at the most famous geyser, Old Faithful. With eruptions occurring every 70 – 100 minutes, Old Faithful reaches heights of 120-180 ft. I witnessed the eruption twice and it is just so fascinating to think about. The water naturally comes out from under the earth in such enormous amounts. My brother took a Junior Ranger Program there where he learns about how they collect the temperatures in these hydrothermal features. The cameras and the thermometers they use are really cool.

Afterwards, we walked around the many features in that area. Yellowstone is known for having more than half of the world’s hydrothermal features. I thought the pools were especially cool with their many beautiful colors, except that these were really hot and smelled really bad due to the sulfur. The variety of colors, features and terrain made for the speciality. It was truly a special national park with so much yet to be discovered.

Our next stop was the Grand Prismatic. It was HUGE. All the colors of the rainbow were there and lightened the area. Despite the smell of sulfur everywhere, the pool was amazing, especially that it was all natural. I could feel the heat coming off the pool…imagine what it would be like as you went deeper.

We kept moving through the valleys and came to Mammoth Hot Springs. Here, we also found a variety of hot springs. It was getting late and we had yet to finish the other half. But, an elk stopped in our way and actually crossed the street in front of us. You had to have been there to see the terrified look on my mother’s face (she’s so scared of ALL animals). On the other side of the Grand Loop, we came across new landscapes, waterfalls and features. It was quite beautiful.

I do wish to go back to Yellowstone National Park one day and experience everything the park has to offer. However, for this trip, my time here was over. My experience at Yellowstone was unique, fascinated and filled with questions, the way that places should be like. 5 national parks completed. 2 more to go… read on to find out!


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