Grand Teton

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It was Day 8 and we were at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. The Tetons are part of the Rocky Mountains, but are noted as a special part of them. The views of the beautiful mountains, lakes and meadows brought a peaceful note to this road trip.

We began our journey on the loop of Grand Teton and saw several historic sites. Along the way, we encountered various bison, elk and even a cute fox. We drove by many amazing views and trails. The snow white tops, the green meadows and the peaceful silence brought Grand Teton’s beauty to an even higher scale. Overall, the views we saw could never compare to the pictures we took.

My brother became a Junior Park Ranger that day and was extremely excited about it. He got a badge to put on his vest, took an oath and completed his service. It was nice to see that they are involving the youth and making sure that they take initiative in protecting our national parks. After Grand Teton, my brother made sure that we went to get the Junior Ranger Program booklets at each national park.

In my personal opinion, I didn’t like Grand Teton as much as Yellowstone or Death Valley. However, it was a memorable experience and contributed to the road trip in a positive way.

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