Bryce Canyon and SLC

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On Day 6, we made our way to Bryce Canyon National Park. Also located in Utah, Bryce Canyon is known for its hoodoos. These hoodoos are special because they take a VERY long time to form and come in all sizes. They provide a beautiful landscape to this national park and have such vibrant colors. We made our way to the Bryce Canyon Amphitheater where we took many pictures at its four viewpoints.

Before coming to this park, my dad had seen these pictures of a trail with switchbacks. Our entire family loves to ski and I grew up skiing every winter. The switchbacks reminded my dad of the ski trails we love to go on and was so eager to hike down this trail. This trail was the Navajo Loop Trail at Bryce Canyon National Park. It was definitely an amazing hike and it was really fun. The warmth of the blazing sun, steep pathways and the hoodoos were sure to make this experience very unique.

Although we didn’t stay very long, our experience at Bryce Canyon was a great one. Utah had some great national parks with more for us to see. However, since we didn’t have so much time, we moved north towards Salt Lake City.

On Day 7 or July 4th, we came to Salt Lake City at went to Temple Square. It was a very peaceful site and not what I expected from a major city. Being that I’m from New York, I always assume that big cities will always have skyscrapers, traffic and lots of people. However, after going to major cities like Paris, London, Los Angeles and now Salt Lake City, I came to see how unique New York City is and how each city has its own beauty.

We were only in Salt Lake City for a short amount of time, as we had to drive 5 hours to Jackson Hole after that. There we sat in the park and watched the fireworks explode over the mountain. My experience in Utah was definitely a memorable one and I will make another trip in the future to visit the other national parks.

These days were relaxing in comparison to what was to happen next… read on to find out.

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