Zion National Park


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Wow…it was already day 5 and we were at Zion National Park. My experience at Zion was definitely the most exotic and unique out of all the national parks. Located in Utah, Zion National Park is known for the Zion Narrows River. What makes this river so special is the fact that people can hike through it for 16 miles (if you have a permit).

We woke up that morning and got rentals for hiking gear. I definitely recommend going in hiking gear because of the comfort it provides and of course safety. I, personally, have really bad ankles and cannot imagine how I would’ve gotten through the hike without the shoes.

Our hotel was located in Springfield, so we took a bus to the visitor center around 9 am. At the visitor center, we waited in a really long line to take a 45 minute bus to the top of the hike. Now, when you get off you have to hike about one mile to the start of the Narrows.

We began our hike around 12 pm and in my opinion, this was the perfect time. The water is REALLY cold, so being in the warmth helped me adjust to the water. As soon as I started to hike, I immediately fell in love with the scenery. Constantly you were surrounded by amazing views with lots of places to take pictures.

It was funny to find that my dad, who said we would only hike for one hour in total, was begging us to go farther and farther. We spent like 4-5 hours hiking in the Narrows. The Narrows can do that to you, especially its mesmerizing views and swift waters.

Overall, we hiked 6 miles (round trip) to the fork. I definitely could say that the views got much better as we went along the river. Being in the river was true a unique hike on this trip providing even more unique pictures to our collection. One day I want to come back and do the entire 16-mile hike down the Narrows.

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