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On Day 1, we took a five hour flight from NY to Phoenix. From there, we rented our small SUV, a Dodge Journey. We would come to form many memories in this vehicle. Arriving in Phoenix, I felt as if we had travelled abroad away from the United States. Everything seemed so different from my normal suburban life or occasional visit to the major cities. Cacti were everywhere, coming in all shapes and sizes.

Our first stop was the majestic and spiritual city, Sedona. Sedona is known for its beautifully colored red vibrant rocks. As you enter the city, it is completely filled with peace and quiet. Although it is a famous city, it retains its natural beauty with those vibrant colors.

On Day 2, we started at Bell Rock. Hiking to Bell Rock was the first of the many hikes we explored on this trip. This arid environment was a much needed change from the chills in New York. Sedona is famous as the city of spirituality, peace and most specially, vortexes. Vortexes are areas of high energy. Bell Rock was said to be a vortex, but in reality, what we experienced later on was the true vortex.

Next, we drove on to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. It was a beautiful church with an amazing overlook of the city. We could clearly see Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock from where we were standing. Everywhere we turned the views were great.

From there, we went to the place my brother loved most about Sedona (well besides the pool in our hotel), Slide Rock State Park. Have you ever been to a waterpark? Have you been on a water slide? Don’t you just love staying in pool? Well, Slide Rock State Park is basically a naturally made combination of the three. It was so much fun and we had a blast there.

However, the best place we visited was Airport Mesa. Now, I know that many sites say that this is a tourist trap and not worth the rush to get to, but trust me, they didn’t go to the right place. An hour before sunset, we had gotten to the top and parked our car in the parking lot. The views were beautiful, with colors changing around us. This 360 degree view allowed to us to witness the sun setting on one side and the moon appearing on the other.

This isn’t the place I felt the vortex. I can say that the entire city of Sedona is a vortex worth experiencing, but if you want to feel the true vortex you have to go to Airport Mesa. Although you may think you are at Airport Mesa, you aren’t at the right spot. While driving back down, there came a small hill of rocks with a few parking spots on the right of it. We decided to park there and take a short hike up, which turned out to be the best vortex we felt. When I reached the top, I felt so free, clear minded and a sense of calmness came through me. All I wanted to do was just stand there with my eyes closed, arms wide open and breathe. Breathe in the fresh, cool and peace surrounding me. This was the vortex I was longing to experience and was definitely worth it.

Sedona was filled with lots of great experiences that began our trip with a great start. But, the fun just started, as we still had 15 more days to go…read on to find out!

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