Grand Canyon

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On Day 3, we made our way to the next stop on our road trip, the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon National Park is one the most unique, fascinating national parks around the world. It was definitely one of the best parks on the trip.

As we entered the park, we didn’t seem too excited. The entrance didn’t seem to resemble the massive rocks pictured online. Even when we got to the visitor center, this idea of the Grand Canyon just wasn’t there. Where could these rocks possibly be?

We started to walk on the Rim Trail and made our way to Mathers Point. That’s where we got it all wrong. No words can describe the beauty of the Grand Canyon. No pictures could capture the majestic feeling. It was absolutely stunning. I came to realize the beauty of nature’s wonders and how inspiration came from it. I can’t imagine that a person who would just sit in silence in a place like this and not feel the spirituality inside of them.

Alongside the Rim Trail, we walked right next to the edge of the canyon for three miles. This hike definitely made our experience of the Grand Canyon so much better. If we hadn’t adventured on the Rim Trail, we would have been able to see vast sea of rocks and the diverse nature of them.

It was funny to find my father begging to take more and more pictures when usually he begs us to stop. The Grand Canyon was such an enriching place and being with family made it that much better.

The next morning, on Day 4, we woke up really early to watch the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. One surprising thing we found was that it was so cold in the morning which was completely opposite from the hot, arid place that the Grand Canyon becomes during the day time. As we watched the sunrise, the moon was setting on the opposite side, a beautiful site to capture as the skies were clear.

That day we drove from the Grand Canyon to Horseshoe Bend where the Colorado River begins. Being that we got there around noon, it was really hot. But, the blue and green water with the pillar in the middle made it worthwhile.

However, this was just the conclusion to the first national park. 6 more to go…

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