Hello! As we are approaching the end of this school year, our Group 3 students have been very involved with Arduino. Implementing the knowledge they had gained earlier with breadboarding and programming, the students are building projects with the Arduino.

So what exactly is an Arduino? It is basically a microcomputer that allows your technology to basically have a brain. It essentially is the “connector” between programming and circuit building.


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  • 1 :: Power Jack – Provides power to the Arduino
  • 2 :: Power Jack (USB) – Connects the board to the computer to upload the code.
  • 3 – 5, 9 :: Regulate the power and the ground states. These are normally connected to the power rails
  • 6 :: Analog pins that can send different amounts of electricity at a time.
  • 7,8 :: Digital pins that send a steady amount of electricity all the time
  • 10 :: Resets the board of the previous code uploaded.
  • 11 :: Lights up when the board is receiving power.
  • 12 :: Lets you know if the Arduino is receiving or transmitting information
  • 13 :: It is the Integrated Circuit and is the “brains” of the Arduino.
  • 14 :: It is the Voltage Regulator, but it should not be tampered with.

Various projects were created with the usage of an Arduino. Before they learned abut Arduino, our Group 3 students completed a Python course at home to enable a quicker and easier understanding of how to program the Arduino, as per the fact that the Arduino language is similar to Python. It was completely foreign at first, but once they got a hang of it, cool projects were made!

Posted under this page are simple projects that you too can try at home with the Arduino. Check back to see the INTERESTING activities we do at GGKLI’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club. For more information about GGKLI’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club click here!

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