Display “Hello World”


Make the LCD display “Hello World” and the time passed from the upload


LCD Display

Arduino Instructions

  1. Connect a wire from the 5V to the power rail and another from GND to the ground.
  2. Connect the LCD Display from J15 to J30.
  3. Place a potentiometer on pins D5, D7, and F6.
  4. Then, connect wires from
    1. F30 to ground
    2. F29 to power
    3. F28 to G6
    4. F27 to Digital 12
    5. F26 to ground
    6. F25 to Digital 11
    7. F20 to Digital 5
    8. F19 to Digital 4
    9. F18 to Digital ~3
    10. F17 to Digital 2
    11. F16 to D16
    12. F15 to ground
    13. A7 to ground
    14. B5 to power
  5. At last, place a resistor from A16 to power.
  6. Now upload your code and turn the potentiometer to display “Hello World”.

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