My Own Business Plan

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Hi everyone. For the past couple of weeks, our entrepreneurs have been putting their entrepreneurial skills to the test. They have invented their own products with business plans to go along with them.

Every entrepreneur, regardless of his or her age, were taught about the essential parts to any company. They learned about creating a product, start-up costs, ideal customers, investors and advertising.

After they learned about each component, they made their own companies and formulated a business plan to go along with it. Here is a business plan template that you can use to make your own business plan today!!

Business Plan

Each entrepreneur went home to create his or her own product. Next class, all the entrepreneurs came up in front of their class and advertised their products. While presenting their business plans, supplements like flyers, prototypes, and videos, were displayed.

Everyone did a marvelous job! This goes to show: you can never be too young to make something. This was truly a great experience to witness. Our preschoolers to eighth graders were public speaking with such enthusiasm and confidence. I can’t wait to see what they will accomplish next! Check back to see the AMAZING activities we do at GGKLI’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club click here!

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