Maze Programming



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Hi Everyone! The students at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club have been doing some really cool things. They have been learning to “program”.

So what does it mean to program? Programming is giving step by step instructions to complete a task. Now that is actually much harder than it seems. You cannot assume anything and everything has to be directed. To enforce these concepts, the Group 1 students built mazes and coded them with simple instructions. Now you can too!


  • 1 Board
  • Variety of Legos or other pieces. We used these blocks from Amazon.
  • Paper
  • Pen/Pencil


  1. Build a border for the maze.
  2. Build a pathway with obstacles and turns
  3. Put in some more decorations to make it cool.
  4. Make an avatar or character to go through the maze.
  5. Using the following symbols: Direct your avatar through the mazeProgrammingMazes
  6. Exchange it to a friend. See if you get the same answers!

Future Suggestions

Loops and functions can be introduced as well. Efficiency and other tactics may be created to allow for easier access.

We had a great time learning about programming and the students really enjoyed the experience. They learned about functions. Check back to see the COOL activities we do at GGKLI’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club!

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