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Hey guys! Happy Holidays! As the year is coming to an end, let’s discuss what the little entrepreneurs have been currently involved with…BREADBOARDING. To get the students ready for the upcoming Arduino Unit, we have been learning breadboarding.

So what is a breadboard? It is basically a group of metal pieces in a collection to make circuit building neater, more efficient and more effective. Debugging becomes simpler if breadboarding is done correctly.

Our Group 1, 2 and 3 students completed several breadboarding activities involving switches, LEDs, mechanical speakers, motors and buzzers. They learned about voltage, resistance and current. We had so much fun learning about these different electrical components. It was confusing and hard at first, but we overcame the challenges we faced. If our Preschoolers were able to understand how a motor works and how a LED turns on, you can too!

I have posted the different circuits you can make at home with your kids in the following posts. There are step by step instructions to aid you in the journey! Use the DIY InnoBoxes as we did to make circuit building even easier and more conceptual.

Check back to see the AMAZING activities we do at GGKLI’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club. For more information about GGKLI’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club click here!

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