The Power of the Mind

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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great summer. School has started and so has Gayatri Gyan Kendra of Long Island (GGKLI). Last week was the first class of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club of the 2017 – 18 school year. Having ended our last year with such enthusiasm, we started our year off with a different beginning this year.

Humans are the most intelligent species due to the complexity and size of our brains. However, faith and hope play a HUGE role in how our mind thinks, processes and performs. This year, we began with a mind blowing activity to demonstrate this.


  • A washer
  • A piece of string


  1. Put the string through the washer and tie a knot around the washer. Make sure the knot is tightly holding the washer in place.
  2. Sit down on a chair. Be sure your feet are positioned flat on the ground.
  3. Hold the end of the string with ONLY your pointer finger and thumb. Let the washer dangle towards the floor.
  4. Place the elbow, of the hand that is holding the string, on your thigh. The washer should be steady and in one place.
  5. Mentally, think the washer is moving front and back. Wait for it and make sure you have faith. The washer WILL move.
  6. Then imagine the washer moving left to right.
  7. Lastly, imagine the washer going in circles.

Did it work? Now you may be thinking, how could that have possibly worked? Someone must have been deliberately moving their hand. Well let me tell you, it definitely does. Our students are here to prove it, along with all the parents who gave it a shot.

Through this activity, students learned how powerful our mind truly is. If we set our minds to something, ANYTHING is possible. That is the belief that is essential to being successful one day. Hardships and obstacles with linger into your way, but faith and knowing how strong you are will overcome them. At first, many students through this was a trick or fake. After they tried it, they were astonished by the capability of their mind.

The Science Behind it

When you keep telling your brain that you want the washer to move right to left, the brain sends signals to your nerves. These nerves in your fingers push the washer back and forth, creating the motion. Thus, proving how your thoughts are extremely powerful and your body work simultaneously to accomplish what you think.

Now that we have learned how strong our mind is, we can put it to the test. With new projects and DIY activities, our students will be stepping into the world of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I cannot wait for this year because it is going to be AMAZING.

This activity was inspired by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra’s video. For more information about GGKLI’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club click here!


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