Annual Day Function

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Hey everyone! This year is winding down. Summer is here. This also means GGKLI is coming to the end of the 2016-17 year. Every year, GGKLI puts on an Annual Day Function. Basically, during this event, all the students and volunteers display the hard work they have done throughout the year for everyone to see. All in one day, one event, it is a great experience with lots of fun, laughter and enjoyment.

What did we do?

Starting from the Culture Classes to the Language Groups and the Clubs here and there. From cute dances to singing traditional Indian music to performing skits, this show kept you truly on the edge of your seat. Everyone had something new and cool to share which brought suspense and excitement to this event. Along with that, several community service activities were taking place. For instance, last year, we had produced homemade goods, like DIY Scrubs, and sold them to raise money to send TWO children to college in India. This year, we collected coins and sold vintage items in order to fundraise money. We also held a Sports Day, where we made life size games and did a carnival theme, in order to raise money.

What events did I take part in?

First and foremost, I am in Culture Group 7. Our class had done several community projects throughout the year. We volunteered at the Manor Farm in Huntington, marched in the Indian Day Parade in Hicksville, planted flowers at St. Anthony’s Church, presented lessons at the Gayatri Pariwar in New Jersey, have given presentations about Indian festivals, gave pledges to participate in the Youth Revolution Movement and ended the year raising money for the kids in India to pay for their college tuition. Therefore, we created a short video to outline the purpose of GGKLI and how we have contributed positively in society. We followed up on the pledges we gave in the beginning of the year. Thanks to Shrey Thakar and Arjun Mehta for making the video to wrap up the year.

In addition, being a part of Culture Group 7 means that we are the oldest students in the school. Made up of kids in grades 7 and above, we are the role models for the children of the younger classes. We acted as Masters of Ceremonies essentially hosting and running the event. We announced every event, providing introductions and awards for specific volunteers. This truly teaches you public speaking and helps to reduces stage fright in the future because of the comfortable environment in which we were performing.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club also produced a video, highlighting the major events of the year. Including projects from DIY Flashlights to KEVA Planks, in five minutes, gave the audience a small flash of our work and how much we have truly accomplished in this short amount of time. Now, you may think that a five minute video does not take long to make, well believe me you are very wrong. Forgetting about all the time it takes to organize all the pictures you have into separate groups based on topic and learning a completely new software by yourself, it took me roughly 19 hours. From 3 pm to 8pm on Friday and 11 am to 9 pm on Saturday, this video honestly took up lots of time and commitment. But, trust me, IT WAS WORTH IT. All the tears and headaches, paid off.

Lastly but definitely not least, was our amazing finale, Giggles with G-6. I am part of Hindi Group 6 and ironically, my parents happen to be my teachers. Last year, we had done a group performance about Paradoxes, conveying an important lesson about the world around us. This year, we performed a comedy show, incorporating all the aspects of the Indian lifestyle into one show. We had several mini acts such as Interviews with Ikshu, Knowledge Talks with Kshan, the Sejal Gupta Show, Astrology with Agastya, and Yoga with Yogi Yash. Although our show was funny and brought all the aspects of the American and Indian life together, we portrayed a great message regarding Laughter Yoga and the importance of happiness in life. We had a blast performing.

This year at GGKLI was amazing and I cannot wait to come back next year to make even more memories.

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