Inaugural Year: 2015-2016

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A common man dreams of doing something big, while an entrepreneur makes that dream into reality. ~ yeprite

What is Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club?

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club was created to spark creativity and innovation. To teach students how to think outside of the box through hands on experiences is our goal. Our purpose is to get kids, at an early age, to start thinking like an entrepreneur because we believe kids who start at an early age will have an advantage over others, ultimately leading them to success.

How it all started?

I founded the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club at GGKLI with help of wonderful volunteers including my parents. At the end of the 2014 – 2015 school year, I decided that I was going to create a club about innovation and entrepreneurship after getting inspired by various GGKLI club founders.

The First Day

The new school year was about to start, including GGKLI. I was hoping that at least 10 students would sign up for our club. On the first day, several parents and students came up to my stall to see what this club was about. In the end, 45 students had signed up! It was a huge success.

The Sessions

Now you may be wondering, what was taught in those twenty sessions?

We split the students into three groups according to age groups. Students learned a variety of things, ranging from bridge building to cryptography, circuit building to creating your own blog. Here are some of the topics we taught:

  • How Entrepreneurs Look At Things From Different Angles…

All groups used KEVA planks to build 3-D structures/creations from 2-D pictures given the Top view, Side view and Front view.

  • How does Electricity Move Through Our Every Day Household Items…

Entrepreneurs (students) used Electronic Snap Circuits to create various circuits such as light show, lie detector etc.

  • How does Money Work…

6th to 9th graders were taught about the stock market. They were given an account for the Stock Market Game where they were given virtual money to invest in stocks, mutual funds and bonds online.

  • How are Bridges Constructed

Entrepreneurs built a wooden bridge with a partner.

  • Cryptography

Entrepreneurs learned how to encrypt/decrypt codes using keys.

  • How to Create Your Own Blog

Entrepreneurs worked in teams to create their own blog. Each person was assigned roles to make this a special blog.

  • Robotics….

Entrepreneurs learned about robots. They used robots and did experiments with them to understand how they work.

  • What is Programming….

Entrepreneurs participated in the Hour of Code.

  • How do Computers Work….

Entrepreneurs used plastic cups to learn this concept.

What I Learned

Not only did this club allow me to teach others, it also taught me a tremendous amount. First of all, I learned how much time and effort it takes to create a lesson. Every Saturday before the class, I remember having to stay up until at least 12 am just to get all of our lessons ready. I gained a lot of respect for teachers. Secondly, I learned that different students learn at different speeds and in different ways. For instance, I remember teaching the cryptography lesson and some students understood the lesson visually while others had to use the cipher wheels on their own to understand it. Lastly, I, myself, learned many of the topics I taught, in much more depth. For instance, I knew a couple of things about circuits; however, when I started teaching it, I understood circuit building in a much more understandable way.

Last year, I had a great time teaching the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club at GGKLI. I learned a lot and I am looking forward for the new year.

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Gayatri Gyan Kendra of Long Island (GGKLI) is a non-profit organization that promotes Indian heritage and culture. For more information check out their website:

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