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I will be writing about my adventures. I started the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cafe (formerly known as Club) at GGKLI. Read about it here. I work with a team of volunteers, including Yash Gupta and Mansi Airen (who are both bloggers and instructors), to ensure the smooth operation of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cafe.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cafe was created to spark creativity and innovation. To teach students how to think outside of the box through hands on experiences is our goal. Our purpose is to get kids, at an early age, to start thinking like an entrepreneur because we believe kids who start at an early age will have an advantage over others, ultimately leading them to success.

In the header, you will find information, organized yearly, about my experience teaching these students. Other experiences of mine are also documented here, specifically the amazing road trip my parents and I took in the summer of 2018.

Read about all of them here and get involved today!


Sejal Gupta

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly comment on my page.

A common man dreams of doing something big, while an entrepreneur makes that dream into reality. ~ Sejal Gupta

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